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About us

APAC is open to any individual or legal entity that adheres to its objectives and statutes.
It is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the General Assembly.
It has two categories of members:

Adherent members: they join in order to express their support for the values and objectives of the Association and to contribute to its development. They participate by right in the association's bodies, in particular the general assembly, to evaluate the association's achievements and determine its orientations. They can contribute to the realization of the services and products of the Association. They pay a membership fee, the amount of which is set each year by the General Assembly on the proposal of the Executive Committee.

Donor members: they participate in the financing of the Association by making a voluntary annual contribution.

APAC's Goal

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations, said, "The only way forward that offers any hope for a better future for all humanity is through cooperation and partnership."

Every day, world news reminds us of the relevance of this statement: no nation, no matter how rich or powerful, is able, on its own, to successfully meet the challenges of today's world: the overexploitation of natural resources, polluting energies, climate deregulation, pandemics, underdevelopment and poverty, the refugee crisis, conflict management...

Cooperative approaches are invaluable in facilitating learning and the dissemination of knowledge, in solving complex problems, in managing collective projects, in improving the social, economic and cultural conditions of populations, and in building community. We must therefore urgently introduce the new generations and ourselves to critical thinking, dialogue, learning from experience, the values of mutual assistance, self-management, solidarity and democracy, instead of pursuing the dead-end path of individualism and competition, or even domination.

But goodwill is not enough. To cooperate successfully, it is necessary to experiment, model and disseminate effective methods and tools. It is to this task that APAC has given itself the mission to contribute by making innovative field experiences known, by publishing resources, and by organizing meetings and training.

An important point to note is that all the services and products that Cooperative Approaches offers are free.

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The editorial team

Dominique BĂ©nard

Dominique Bénard

After studying psychology, Dominique became a School and Professional Guidance Counselor in the French National Education system. He then held national and international responsibilities in youth movements and international solidarity: National Leader and then Commissioner General of the Scouts de France, Director of recruitment and training at the French Association of Volunteers for Progress, Director of the European Scout Bureau, then Director of Educational Methods and Deputy Secretary General of the World Scout Bureau. For the past 10 years, he has been an international consultant in charge of programs for the emancipation and social and professional integration of young people. He lives with his wife in a small village in the Alps (Haute-Savoie).

Larry Childs
Roland Daval

Roland Daval

Roland has held important responsibilities in the associative life and especially in Scouting, to which he feels personally very indebted. If he had not crossed paths with the ”Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs de France” (non-denominational French Scoput Association) during the four years he spent in his youth at the Ecole Normale d'Enseignants and if he had not been allowed to take on responsibilities very early on, he would probably not have had the chance to give the same meaning to his life and to realize a professional career that is fascinating because it is rich above all in human relations.
Indeed, seconded by the Ministry of Education, he successively held the responsibilities of regional coordinator for Alsace and Lorraine, of secretary general and then of general delegate at the national level in the Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs de France.

He ended his career as Director of Programs and then Director of Volunteering at the Association Française des Volontaires du Progrès (AFVP), now France Volontaires.

For the last ten years, in the early stages of his retirement, he has worked as a consultant for the associative world and the solidarity economy.

On a voluntary basis, he was president of the Union Nationale des Centres de Plein Air (UCPA) and general treasurer of the Jeunesse au Plein Air (JPA).

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Patrick Gallaud


During his studies, Patrick was a volunteer member of the national team of the senior section of the Scouts de France (the Compagnons - 17 to 21 years old).

He began his professional life at the National Institute of Youth and Popular Education (INJEP), where he was in charge of studies on youth policies. In 1987, he became editor in chief of the magazine "Les cahiers de l'animation".

In 1989, he was placed at the disposal of the French National Commission for UNESCO and, in 1991, he was elected Secretary General of the WFUCA (World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations) where he initiated a new policy for the training of managers.

From 2006 to 2012, he joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement to work on the Centenary of Scouting and its follow-up.

Since 2013, he has served several terms on the NGO Liaison Committee to UNESCO and the Association of Former UNESCO Officials.

From 1977 to 2014, he was also a regular lecturer at the University in contemporary history and cultural policies.

Hamady Mbodj

Hamady Mbodj

Hamady holds a Master's degree in "Project Engineering in Social and Solidarity Economy". He is a socio-educational manager in an association whose missions are to welcome and accompany people in precarious situations or in exclusion towards autonomy through accommodation, care and integration.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Muslim Scouts of France and a volunteer in the European Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, in the working group "Diversity and Inclusion".

Hamady is particularly interested in inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue, "living together", diversity and North-South relations.

Dante Monferrer

Dante Monferrer

Dante has spent most of his professional career in the field of international solidarity and more particularly in the field of volunteer work.
After studying agricultural development, he spent two years in Senegal as a volunteer on a rural development program in a small town in the Sine-Saloum region. This was a powerful experience that marked his career and allowed him to discover other people, other places and ultimately himself.
After resuming his studies in socio-economics of development, he joined the structure of the French Association of Volunteers for Progress and was posted in different countries (Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal) in charge of accompanying volunteers and monitoring projects.
In the 2000s he returned to the Paris headquarters of the association where he successively held the positions of Director of Volunteering and then of Development. In 2004, he was appointed to the position of General Delegate until 2014 when he retired.
During these 10 years he led the transformation of the association which became France Volontaires, a platform for French volunteering and an operator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also took part in the implementation and management of the civic service. He has also worked with various institutions and ministries, as well as with associations dedicated to international solidarity and youth issues.
Because of his family history and his personal and professional career, Dante has always been a committed person and continues to act as a volunteer in different associations at the local, national and international levels.
He has also been involved in the local community in his small southwestern commune.

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Michel Seyrat

Michel Seyrat

Michel was born in Nice in 1941 where he studied and read extensively in his father's bookstore.

He taught in the Berry region, in Alès and in Nice.

In the 70's, he was part of the national team of Scouts de France as Deputy General Commissioner and responsible for the elder branch.

Living in the hinterland of Nice, he contributes to local magazines, has published short stories, three "Niçois polars" and recently Le jeu du jour, 365 jeux pour sourire chaque jour de l'année (The game of the day, 365 games for smiling every day of the year) and two volumes of Les Associés du Grand Platane (The associates of the Great Plane Tree), the generous and exciting adventures of the pupils of the Cours Moyen de l'école des Collinettes (Middle School of the Collinettes).

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