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Issue 9 of Cooperative Approaches addresses the issue of girls' and women's education. Are we aware that in the 21st century, the inequality of access to education between girls and boys is still one of the great problems of our world? Three-quarters of school-age children who may never set foot in school are girls. Women still account for nearly two-thirds of all adults unable to read - 515 million lack basic reading skills.

The inequality in access to education between girls and boys is largely due to dysfunctional gender-based stereotypes which, in this case hold women, i.e. 50% of humanity, as inferior.

Cooperative Approaches, here again, attempts to assume a role in equipping educators with diverse perspectives that can help free boys and girls from stereotypes and towards recognition of one another as equal partners.

  • Justine SASS, Chief of Section for Inclusive Education and Gender Equality at UNESCO, discusses the urgent issue of keeping girls in school during the pandemic.

  • Aïcha BAH DIALLO, former Minister of Education of Guinea Conakry and former Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO, analyzes the challenges of girls' education in the world today and proposes a strategy for a truly inclusive school.

  • Martine Lévy, President of the "Girls' Voice" group at UNESCO, explains how a group of UNESCO's NGO partners drafted a manifesto calling on governments to make a greater effort for girls' education.

  • Dominique Bénard, deciphers the concept of gender by showing that it is a social construction on which stereotyped male and female models are established and shows how educators can fight against these prejudices and stereotypes.

  • Various reports tell how NGOs and educational movements are developing projects to promote girls' access to education.

  • Michel Seyrat proposes a new adventure of ”The associates of the Great Plane tree" centered on equality and partnership between boys and girls at school.

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