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This issue is devoted to adult education.

In the Editorial, Michel Seyrat reminds us of a thought of the famous psychologist Erik Erikson: "We are a teaching species". We teach children and help them to learn, but we also teach each other to face the challenges of the world. Current events tragically remind us of the importance of strengthening this characteristic of the human species.

In the Story, Michel Payen tells us about his experience as a trainer in the world of business and volunteer organizations. Adult education has gone through 3 periods: first the primacy was given to the content of training, with a transmissive approach, then primacy was given to the process of training with an active approach and we have entered a third period where primacy is given to people in a cooperative approach.

The Deciphering section critically analyses the concept of the Learning Organisation and shows its interest in the emergence of a new way of developing organisations, whether they are companies, associations or even administrations.

Michel Seyrat then offers us a short novel, ”The feast of the Agonyclites”, which plunges us into a strange world, one that we risk entering if we are not careful, a world that is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of a new people, the Agonyclites, "those who do not kneel". To read and meditate...

The Dossier tackles the essential question "How do we learn?". By providing the most recent answers based on the concept of experiential learning and the discoveries of neuroscience, it opens up interesting avenues for team learning.

Finally, for the first time we open the "Letters to the Editor" section. We hope that you will take this opportunity to share your critical remarks and suggestions about our journal. We need them to improve it.

Have a good reading!


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