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This third issue of Cooperative Approaches focuses on school reform. Many attempts have been made in the past to reform the school of the Industrial Age (presented in the "Deciphering" section), but this late nineteenth-century model is resisting.

The story explains how Eduard Vallory succeeded in mobilizing civil society and teachers to launch a major educational reform project called "Escola Nova 21" in Catalonia.

In the "Guest of the Month" section, we interview John Lawlor who launched an innovative project in Ireland to change the methods of secondary education.

The Dossier presents in detail the cooperative pedagogies that are gradually spreading in education in various countries.

Also not to be missed is a short story written by Michel Seyrat and featuring a small group of schoolchildren who call themselves "the members of the great plane tree". In the end an exceptional issue on school and the new pedagogies that can adapt it to the XXIth century.

Have a good reading!


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