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Issue 15 of Cooperative Approaches focuses on international cooperation and solidarity. This is a critical topic as the imbalance between the countries of the North and the countries of the South is growing. Dante Monferrer, former director of the French Volunteers for Development, opens the magazine with a powerful editorial. In a second article, he analyzes the worrying situation in Africa, which is facing, among other things, an unprecedented demographic challenge. Bernard LECOMTE, a former consultant, in a fascinating interview, relates his struggle to help African farmers' organizations free themselves from the traps of international aid. Abdoul AZIZ AG ALWAY, national coordinator of the Malian NGO Tassaght, presents the action of his organization in the difficult situation his country is going through. Then Larry Childs analyzes how free trade in West Africa could help consolidate economic balance and limit conflict. Sam WORTHINGTON interviewed by Larry CHILDS, former director of the American organization INTERACTION, compares the situation and the action of international solidarity NGOs in the United States and in Europe, and Paola Cervo presents the international partnership strategy developed by the European Union. At a time when nationalism is on the rise again in many countries, this publication reminds us, with concrete examples and fascinating testimonies, of the stakes of cooperation and international solidarity.

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